Res Life Worship TeamWe wish to welcome you to Resurrection Life.

Resurrection Life is a church that loves to share the life and love of God with all who join us here and with those people throughout the greater Western New York area. As a family church, we are genuinely interested and willing to help you with your particular needs. Our heart's desire is to provide you and your friends and family with the spiritual tools necessary to be successful in this journey of life!

We believe the Bible, which tells us it's the goodness of God that compels us to live godly lives, and that the truth contained in it has power to change our bad situations into good. Enjoying a healthy and thriving relationship with Jesus Christ is both essential to experiencing real joy and exhilarating at the same time. We're glad you're here to find out for yourself just how exciting serving God can be!

Join us for service this Sunday morning at 10 AM... you'll be glad you did! Get DIRECTIONS to Res Life here.

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