Professional Beggar

Written by 
Kim Reynolds
December 1, 2020
Kim Reynolds
Kim Reynolds
Food Pantry Director

I’ve decided to add the title of “Professional Beggar” to my business card because lately it seems as if I spend an awful lot of time doing just that. Begging for money, food, and volunteers in hopes that at the end of the year the budget sheet is balanced and there’s enough food and volunteers to serve the community.

In the world of nonprofits, Resurrection Life Food Pantry is small potatoes lacking a million dollar budget to pay a development staff. We aren’t glitter and glam hosting black-tie fundraisers enticing the rich to donate to us. We can’t afford a seasoned grant writer that knows all the “buzzwords” that make a well written grant enticing. Our “development staff” consists of volunteers throwing out ideas in hopes that one of them will bring in funding and food.

 So as Director and “Professional Beggar”  for Resurrection Life Food Pantry, I write grants from the heart hoping my lack of grant writing skills is outweighed by our stories of compassion and success. I beg the community to host food drives, donate money, and volunteer their time. For 26 years “Professional Begging” has been successful. We have never lacked funding, food, or volunteers to serve the WNY community. Oh don’t misunderstand me, there have been many days where the shelves and storage room are near empty and the financial statement leans more towards red than black, but God is never late and forever faithful to provide for the pantry and our community. 

So today I beg...will YOU donate your time or money to support the WNY community for the holidays?

This year Resurrection Life Food Pantry has provided over 1200 families with complete Thanksgiving meals that include a whole turkey and all the trimmings. In addition, we are a Toys for Tots partner agency providing children across WNY toys and experiences for the holiday.

We need YOU to click on that donate button right now and give out of your abundance and then check out the  Amazon wish list to select toys that can be shipped directly to us for distribution through Toys for Tots. 

Thank you for helping us support the WNY community!

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