The Hands and Feet Of Jesus

Written by 
Kim Reynolds
September 28, 2020

Rebekah joined the team shortly after being laid off from her position at Catalyst Gym as a personal trainer due to COVID closures. Rebekah jumped into the controlled chaos of the food pantry with 10 minutes of training under her belt. The emotional drain on top of the intense physical work can stretch anyone to their limits but Rebekah just kept coming back and asking for more. Rebekah has since been called back to work however she has adjusted her schedule so that she can continue to BE the hands and feet of Jesus serving at the food pantry.

What do we love about her?  Rebekah has CRAZY good enthusiasm, endless compassion for our clients and the strength of an Ox ( yes she can pick up a 50# case of Chicken and throw it)

Thank you Rebekah for BEING the hands and feet of Jesus!

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