The Hands and Feet Of Jesus

Written by 
Kim Reynolds
November 25, 2020

Every once in a while someone shows up to volunteer and we wonder how in the world did we survive without them. Gail Potter is one of those volunteers. A natural leader with the ability to see what has to be done before the need arises, she takes charge of the situation in front of her and delegates with natural authority. She is the leader you want to follow because she herself is a “Doer”,  never expecting others to do what she isn’t willing to do herself. Gail is constantly in the thick of things, usually a pile of boxes,  while at the same time everywhere. 

In addition to serving at the pantry two to three times a week, Gail is the Founder of Mats for a Mission ,creating sleeping mats out of recycled plastic bags to distribute to the area homeless.

She has worked for Code Blue , a program key to getting our local homeless population off the streets and into shelters during the winter months and with her family she supports the  716 Little Free Pantry Coalition.

Thank you Gail for BEING the hands and feet of Jesus!

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