Where's ALICE?

Written by 
Kim Reynolds
September 28, 2020

You’ve seen ALICE and may not even know it. ALICE walked by you on the street, passed you in the hallway, or waved from the window. ALICE is not the prettiest thing, as a matter of fact, ALICE can be quite ugly. ALICE is depressed, unstable, and scared; hiding in plain sight and hoping you don’t see the struggle.

You see ALICE isn’t one single person. ALICE is your neighbor, your friend, your co-worker. ALICE is the day care worker watching your child, the woman cutting your hair, or the single mom teaching your children. You live among ALICE families, attend church with them, and schedule playdates with their children.

ALICE , an acronym for Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed or better known as the Working Poor lives among you. It is the household that can’t afford the bare bones basic household budget and is one crisis away from poverty. These are the families we serve at Resurrection Life Food Pantry!

As Resurrection Life Food Pantry shares Our Story we hope to stir up compassion for the lost and broken hidden in plain sight, educate the community while breaking down the myths surrounding poverty and public assistance, but most of all we hope to ignite a desire in you to do more than you are doing.

In Mathew West’s song, Do Something , he sings about a world full of problems and asks the question “ God why don’t you do something?” and God said, “ I did. I created YOU”.

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