Res Life Kids is designed with your child in mind! Located in the classroom section of our facility (out the Main Aud. doors and to the right), Kids experience safe, age-appropriate environments where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way. Join the fun and experience a world where kids meet Jesus on their level!

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Learning simple truths about God and the Bible will help prepare your child for life!


We are so excited to announce the re-opening of Res Life Kids on Sunday, August 2, 2020!

 Although things may look a bit different, our procedures will change and we will reopen with a portion of our classes for the time being, we couldn’t be more excited to once again spend time with your kids and sharing about God’s incredible love!

We’re going to kick things off with a “SUMMER FUN EXTRAVAGANZA” that will be mainly held outside. However, children will need to be checked in and brought to their classrooms. Teachers will take them outside at the appropriate time. 

 During our extravaganza, we will have several water fun activities, like sprinklers and a duck pond with prizes, along with playtime at the playground.  Please be sure to dress your children appropriately for outside play and water activities (bathing suits, watershoes) and to bring a towel and a change of clothes for after class. In addition, be sure to apply your child’s sunscreen before coming into class. Teachers will not be able to change wet bathing suits or apply sunscreen. We will stay outside for as long as possible to ensure the children are reasonably dry before entering the air-conditioned building. 

 We can’t wait to see you and your children!! We have many fun activities planned for our Sunday classes and are ready to continue sowing God’s word and His love into His most precious gifts!

 As far as our regular Sunday morning classes, in order to comply with state guidelines, we have made some changes to several parts of our program.  Please be sure to read each section carefully. ... READ MORE

Simply check your child in at the registration desk, and receive a unique number (ticket) assigned to your child for that day's visit. Return to the same classroom with that number (ticket) to have your child dismissed.


  • Nursery (0 - 18 months) — (Room 202)
  • Toddlers (18 months-2 years) — (Room 204)
  • Pre-K (3 - 4 years)— (Room 205)
  • 5 yrs and Kindergarteners — (Room 208)


(Grades 1-4)

Our main desire is to see children excited about living for Jesus and KidZone is just the place for that! Our KidZone team uses everything from illustrated Bible messages to video clips to active games in order to show your kids the love of Jesus! Every Sunday morning, your kids have the opportunity to make new friends and learn about God and His purpose for them!

Project 56

(5th & 6th Grade Students) - Room 210

Project 56 has made it a goal to raise up a group of students who will become strong individuals and future leaders by encouraging them to grow, reach out, connect and discover! 1 Timothy 4:12 says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young!”

Route 78

(7th & 8th Grade Students) - Room 212

Seventh and eighth graders are a unique bunch and they need to be reached using unique strategies. Many educational experts call this demographic “tweeners” because they are “in-between” 2 important and distinctively different stages of life and adolescent development. They are too young to drive a car or have a job yet they are exposed to the real life pressures of school, peer pressure and the struggle to fit in. For these reasons we have created a space specifically for 7th and 8th grade students called “Route 78”. We want to help students in this age group find their way and connect them to a real life-giving relationship with God.

We want middle school students to LOVE coming to church where they feel safe, secure and included. We have designed our messages to be up-beat, fun and relate-able to middle school students. In a world lacking in quality role models, our teachers understand the value in developing trusting, long term relationships and are enthusiastic about reaching middle school students!