These groupings will remain as follows until further notice.

  1. Nursery- (ages 0 - 12months)- (Room 202) The nursery will remain closed. However, “The Family Room” (Room 212), has a changing table, some books, and a few small toys for any parents who need some space with their infant or young child.
    The Nursing Mother’s room is OPEN, but only for 2 mothers and their infants at a time.
  2. Toddlers- (ages 12- 36 months) - (Room 204)
  3. Pre-K - K- (ages 3 - 5 years) - (Room 203)
  4. Elementary- (1st-4th grade) - (Room 206)
  5. Project 56- (5th and 6th grade) & Route 78 (7th and 8th grade) - (Room 210)  


Our check-in procedure will consist of a few new steps in order to maintain social distance and provide a brief health screening.

  1. Upon entering the Res Life Kids Entrance, all family members need to wear masks, except for children under 2. Families will wait on floor markers until they can begin the check-in procedure.
  2. Check-in will be completed by staff at 2 computer stations. There will be no self check-in. Check-in Staff will wear gloves and a mask.
  3. Children will have their temperature taken at the Registration Desk with a touchless forehead thermometer and recorded by the staff. All volunteers scheduled will also have their temperature taken and recorded before entering the classrooms.
  4. If you or your child(ren) are feeling ill, have or have had a fever in the last 14 days, are exhibiting any symptoms of     COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19 with the last 14-21 days or have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive or has possessed symptoms for COVID-19 within the last 14 days, we ask that you please STAY HOME and enjoy our online experience until such time as your family is well.


  1. Masks are to be worn by children (ages 2 and over) until they arrive in their classroom, then they may take them off. Please keep children’s masks in the classroom with their name on them. Masks will need to be worn if traveling in     the hallways to go to the bathroom, to go outside or to go home. Teachers will also have their masks on in the classroom and hallways.
  2. Children will sanitize their hands as they come into the classroom, and before they leave to go home.
  3. Pre-packaged snacks may be provided in the classrooms for Pre-K - 4th grade, but if your toddler (3 years or younger) needs a bottle, sippy cup or snack, please feel free to bring those. All bottles, cups, snack containers and pacifiers need to be clearly labeled.
  4. When possible, there will be some distancing when children are seated at tables.
  5. Teachers will thoroughly sanitize the tables, chairs and toys once every child has been picked up.
  6. No one except for teachers and age appropriate children will be allowed in each particular classroom. Parents and siblings need to remain outside of the classroom when dropping off and picking up their children.  Children will be     brought to the parent at the doorway of the class. Please be sure to have your check-in sticker with you when you pick up your child.

Your cooperation and partnership is greatly appreciated during this time of transition. Once again, we are so blessed to be able to serve you and your children in Res Life Kids! God has amazing victories in store for all of us as we stay close to Him!!

We are Re-OPENING !!

As we enter Phase 4 in the Western New York, we continue to begin the process of regathering in person with reduced, but recently increased capacity.

We are gathering together for weekly Sunday morning services at 10:00 AM. We continue to adhere to several protocols to ensure the safety of all of our guests, volunteers and staff.  Here is a summary of those protocols:

  • Guests will need to maintain social distancing of six (6) feet between each other
  • All guests must wear face coverings at all times except while seated for service.
  • Rest rooms will be limited to 1-2 people inside at any one time.
  • Res Life Kids will NOT be gathering at this time.  Parents are welcome to have their children sit with them in the Main Auditorium for service.  We will make a separate announcement once a re-opening date for that ministry has been established.
  • We will continue a “no-contact greeting” atmosphere.
  • If you are feeling ill, exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19 with the last 14-21 days or have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive or has possessed symptoms for COVID-19 within the last 14 days, we ask that you please STAY HOME and enjoy our online experience until such time as you are well.

We realize there are some among us who have compromised health issues or immune systems. Those individuals should feel free to remain home and watch our live service stream until such time as they feel comfortable enough to return. Your safety is our utmost concern.

We further recognize that some of our families with children may also decide to rejoin us once ResLife Kids is back up and running.  Again, we understand,respect and support that decision and look forward to sharing our online experience with you, as well. Those reopening plans continue to be made and we will contact you with that information as soon as it’s available. 

Additionally, Home Groups will continue to meet for those those who may feel more comfortable in a smaller group setting.

**Regarding capacity limitations – We are fortunate enough to have ample space within our Main Auditorium and have made appropriate adjustments to the seating in order for us to both remain in compliance with the mandated capacity limitations while being able to seat our anticipated gathering size, based on recent and historical attendance information.  Additionally, we have two separate overflow areas set up should they be required.  In the rare event we were to max out all prepared seating, we would unfortunately need to stop additional people from entering the building**.

To our church family, we love you and we love impacting our community with the love of God along with you. Thank you for your unwavering support over these last several months.  We can’t wait to see you again and to continue on this journey along with you and God’s grace.  God bless you!