Spiritual Ears

Rev. John F. Tonelli

Our greatest  ability is to be able to hear the voice of God.  God speaks to us many ways - but sometimes  we become so preoccupied with "things" that it clutters our ability  to clearly hear God's voice through it all.   In this series, Pastor explains the difference between how the Word of  God speaks to us and the Holy Spirit speaks to us.  80% of what we need in everyday life, we can  find in the Word of God. The remaining 20% forces us to rely on using our  Spiritual Ears to hear from the Holy Spirit for those matters that we cannot  find specific instruction from God's Word.   As you follow along in this series you will learn from others on how  they heard from the Holy Spirit in some of the most unconventional ways, and  as they obeyed, the miracles that followed!